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P.A.S.S. Program

P.A.S.S. Program

(Promoting and Achieving Self-Sufficiency) This program is geared towards special needs children and the schools they attend. We work to create an atmosphere that allows students to be proud of who they are and the school they attend.P.A.S.S. Program

In-School Programming

In-school assemblies are provided to the Newgrange School, the Bridge Academy, and the multiply disabled self-contained classroom at Monroe High School. The purpose of these programs is to introduce students to the environment around them outside of school. Learning activities are incorporated into both in and out of school programs. Helping children to be proud of who they are, the school they attend, and their community are the key components we use to inspire personal growth.

Out of School Trips

The Foundation has taken students to local events such as the circus, Trenton Thunder games, and organized learning activities at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. These programs help promote peer relationships, expose children to the arts, and make them aware of their community. Out of school trips are provided to foster and help promote a positive self-image and community awareness..

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