Thank You for your Support on our Journey with Our Son

We are writing to express our sincere and eternal gratitude to the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation. As parents of a son diagnosed with autism, we have searched high and low to find therapies and treatments that could help our son have a better quality of life. The reality is that the treatments and therapies that seem to make the most difference are not the ones covered by insurance. Without the help of the Foundation, we would never be able to experience the joy of watching our son improve. Time and time again, the Foundation has been there for us both financially and emotionally to support us on our journey. We have done a listening therapy with their help, which brought back my son’s receptive language as well as eye contact. We have also traveled out of the country multiple times for stem cell therapy which has been huge in every area of my son’s healing.
Without the Foundation, we would not know where to turn. We would not be able to pay for any of the treatments and we would forever wonder, “What if?” Our son is like a different child. He is part of our family again. He has become curious about what is going on, he seeks involvement now. He is very affectionate now. He enjoys doing activities now. He can participate in activities with our family without having to be constantly prompted. He can think for himself! We are still working on increasing his expressive language. But we now have no doubt that he has so much going on in his brain, and that he is extremely intelligent. He can show us this now more than ever!
Every day, we make it a point to mention that every single gain he has made is due to the extreme care and generosity of the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation. They are unstoppable in their mission to help people who are in great need. We will never stop being grateful to them for the many ways that they have changed the course of the future for our son! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very sincerely,
Clara and Danny G.