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Support for Troops

Support for our Military

The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation Supports the Military. Our Military will always be close to our hearts. We have been working with our military since 9/11.

Supporting the Troops during deployment

Our nonprofit organization ships military care packages every three-to-six weeks to soldiers when they are deployed in order to support our troops. When they are redeployed, if another soldier takes charge of receiving and distributing the care packages, we will continue to ship the care packages.

Event Tickets and Care Packages

We have donated tickets to area events to the support our troops. We have shipped golf equipment, snacks, toiletries, DVD’s, CD’s, over 10,000 phone cards, puzzles, flags, and holiday items over the years. Military care packages are shipped every 4-6 weeks. Some items are donated . Most are purchased by our nonprofit charity. All care packages are shipped by JHSF. We must have point of contact to ship care packages.

Phone Home for the Holidays Program

We began sending phone cards when we heard a woman on the radio talk about how her son had been given a phone card by a fellow soldier to phone home to his family. He was apprehensive about the mission he was to be part of in the coming days. He did not return. This was the last conversation they were to have. How important was this call? We knew we had to make a difference! This was the beginning of our phone home for the holidays program.

Where We Send Care Packages

We have in the past or are currently sending care packages to Camp Mike Spann and Camp Marmal (over 4 years) in Afghanistan, Kunsan Air Base Republic of South Korea, Bahrain (over 1 year), and Long Beach Island Coast Guard (over 2 years). Our point of contact changes each time a soldier in charge was redeployed. It has truly been an honor send a little bit of home to support troops.

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