Private School Placement

imgres-7Private School Placement
September 2013
Dear Friends at the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation:
After three years of watching our son struggle in school with growing frustration and increasing failure, it became clear to us that we needed to find an alternative so that he could go to school and learn. After going through the proper steps (including educational testing and meeting with the child study team at the school), we were ecstatic when he received admission to a New Jersey independent school for students with learning disabilitiesThen we experienced despair. Our public school district has forced us into due process (which is an extremely lengthy and frustrating process) and we had to privately place our son at the school that he needs. The cost for the school and transportation is a burden that we could not carry (on top of our legal expenses for due process).It is because of you and the Foundation and the help that you are giving us that we have been able to accept the admission to the school and now our son’s learning needs are being met. You not only have given us understanding and encouragement, but you’ve empowered us to help our son. Now, for the first time in his school life our son is positive about career, our son is positive about school and we are hopeful for his future. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Carolyn and Bill