Meet Kelan

Kelan has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. He has no use of his arms and little muscle mass in his legs. Kelan has had multiple surgeries on his feet and his legs, and has another big surgery coming up next year. In addition, he has joint contractors in his elbows and knees. In order for him to walk, he has to wear KAFOS, braces that go all the way up his thigh. He is 4 years old and has hit a growth spurt. Kelan must have the braces adjusted. New braces must be molded and fitted. If he does not have the necessary adjustments made he will have to stop walking and could loose muscle mass. Since he doesn’t have much muscle mass to begin with he must be kept active!

Our non profit charity helped pay for transportation each time Kelan travels to Shriners for treatment. There are times when Shriners pays these bills and the family uses the funds towards other necessary items for Kelan.

Joshua Harr Shane Foundation continues to help Kelan and his family As the travel the road to surgeries, braces, and therapies to give him the best life possible. He received a new IPad to stay I touch with his friends, school, and to help occupy his time at appointments.

Kelan is now waking.