Medical Stroller

imgres-7JHSF purchased a medical stroller for a family in need.

November 2013
I’m excited to tell you they delivered the stroller yesterday! They wanted to wait until the canopy arrived in two weeks to deliver it but I asked for them to make two deliveries as we are desperate to get Alexis out in this beautiful weather.
Alexis loves the stroller, she smiled the entire time on our hour walk yesterday after school. The stroller is all that we imagined and will be used for many years to come.
I’m attaching a photo, I’ll send another one once we receive the canopy to show you the entire piece.
Judith, thank you again for blessing our family. We will always be grateful for your generosity!

October 2013
We are excited about getting this stroller and are grateful to you, your foundation, and the men and women who support it.
My husband and I both retired from the Air Force after service 20 years; allowing us to have more stable lives and time to care for our youngest daughter who has many special needs. Unfortunately, when we retired we lost the Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) under our health insurance which is the portion that covers Medical Durable Equipment, like the stroller/wheelchair we need.
In February of this year I was diagnosed with colon cancer and severely injured my back, making it difficult to care for our daughter Alexis, who is eleven, 120 pounds, at times extremely aggressive, nonverbal, and globally delayed under the two year level. After my surgery (removing all the cancer, allowing me to say I am “cancer free”), I struggled physically with Alexis while keeping her safe and trying to protect my abdominal area and not aggravating my back. We knew at that time we had to have a stroller/wheel chair large enough to meet her needs and help keep her safe allowing us to get her out of the house and into the community.
Because of the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation, our family will enjoy quality time outside, easier times going to appointments, increased safety, and the ability for me to take Alexis out of the house alone.
We are stronger today knowing and experiencing the generosity and love of others, thank you!
I will let you know once we receive the stroller and I will send you a picture of it with Alexis.