Joshua Harr Shane Patient Rehab Room Meets Goals

Goals of The Joshua Harr Shane Patient Rehabilitation Room for Physical Therapy

The goal is 100% of patients will use the equipment in the Joshua Harr Shane Patient Rehabilitation Room prior to being discharged home.

Data from May 2016 through October 2016

• Of all the Total Hips done – 40% were able to return home; 100% of them were trained on the stairs and the car.
• Of all the Total Knee’s done – 55.26% went home; 100% of the people going home used stairs/car
• Of all the Spine surgeries – 89.47% went home; 82.35% of the people going home used stairs/car

Feedback from Therapists

• Overall the therapists love that they have the tools they need to better educate their patients and make sure they are ready for discharge home.
• The patients’ demeanor changes when they get into the gym and they realize they can actually do these ADL’s and their confidence gets a boost.
• Patients are more encouraged to follow a suggested discharge plan to home vs. choosing an inpatient rehab option because they don’t feel comfortable navigating these tasks.

The JHS Patient Rehabilitation Room has been so helpful in making patients’ recoveries focused more on function and real life scenarios. In OT, we can talk about the patient’s home set up and problem-solve within the gym what equipment they will need to stay safe at home.


Occupational Therapist, Robert Wood Johnson

Since opening the JHS Patient Rehabilitation Room, we’ve been able to progress our patients further than we were before. Now we have the ability to not just verbally, but physically teach patients exercises and functional techniques, like car transfers. This makes the transition to home a lot less intimidating for both patients and their family members.


Physical Therapist, Robert Wood Johnson

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