How We Help

Our goal is to put a smile on someone’s face and to help brighten their day. The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation has followed Joshua’s lead and has concentrated on helping families in various ways and has extended its help to other causes. JHSF gives back to the community; to help those in need of care, support, and assistance. We strive to make a difference in the lives of others just as Josh did throughout his brief life.

The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation was founded in 2000 and has provided the wonderful opportunity for the legacy of Joshua Harr Shane to live on in the lives of those he loved, those who loved him, and now those who have had a chance to be touched by JHSF, and the help that provides.

The foundation was set up to honor the memory of Joshua Harr Shane. Joshua embodied those traits that illustrate the very best of our young citizens, the future of our nation. He cared deeply about others less fortunate than himself and because of this, had huge dreams of becoming a doctor.

In his junior and senior year at Hightstown High School, Joshua volunteered at the Princeton University Medical Center. He was one of the first young volunteers allowed to work in the operating room. Even with the new responsibilities of being a freshman in college, Joshua continued to volunteer at the Princeton University Medical Center until his life was cut short during his freshman year at Rutgers University.

Our original intent was to help carry out Joshua’s ideals and fulfill his dreams of becoming a doctor.

JHSF Gives Back to the Community

We help those in need of care, support, assistance and love.  JHSF is different from most non-profits because we go directly to the people who need help. Cash is never given. All bills are paid directly to their sources.
  • JHSF pays mortgages, utilities, doctor’s bills and equipment programs not covered by insurance.
  • JHSF helps special needs children with special programs through activities such as horseback riding, dance lessons, theatrical lessons, and sports teams.
  • JHSF helps pay for needed equipment for special needs children that insurance does not cover.
  • JHSF donates toys to sick children in various hospitals across the United States.
  • JHSF donates medical care and monetary assistance to families in need of help due to an ill family member.
  • JHSF helps families with experimental treatment when treating an ill or special needs individuals.
  • JHSF donates phone cards to the United States troops via Joint Base McGuire–Dix–Lakehurst so that they can phone home for the holidays. More than 10,000 phone cards have been distributed to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11.  Every 3 to 6 weeks packages are sent overseas to soldiers that we have worked with and have been deployed. When that soldier is redeployed and he or she has arranged for another person to receive the packages we continue to ship to that camp.  Over the years we have shipped assorted sports Equipment, Snacks, Toiletries, DVDs, CDs, PhoneCards, Puzzles, American flags, and anything else we could think of that would help brighten someones day. Some of these items are donated, some are purchased by JHSF. ALL items are shipped by JHSF.  We have also donated tickets to area events at Sun National Bank Center and at Trenton Thunder in the hopes of creating lasting memories for our military families.
  • It has been a privilege and an honor to be able to have a hand in bring a little bit of home to our soldiers. It has has been an invaluable experience for us. We will always hold close to our hearts the opportunity to work with our military both here and abroad. Triangle Copy in East Windsor is a drop off for people wishing to donate items, new or in good condition, for the Long Beach Island Coast Guard.
  • The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation has worked with the Embrace Kids Foundation since our inception in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We support this institute’s Palliative Care Program which allows for the same nurse that a terminally ill child has in the hospital to become the visiting nurse at home, thereby making the most difficult situation of a lifetime a little bit more palliative.
  • JHSF donates annual scholarships to Hightstown High School, Beth El Synagogue, and in the past to Rutgers University and St. Anthony’s of Padua Parish.
  • JHSF helps bring smiles and dreams to children at Better Beginning of Hightstown, a nonprofit daycare by providing experiences to area events, clothing, school supplies, games, toys, book, and anything else we feel will make help to make a difference.
  • JHSF provides gifts at holidays and birthdays for children and families that otherwise would not receive them.
  • Joshua Harr Shane Foundation is there to help!

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