Thank You for your help purchasing a medical device.

Bioness H200

In 2017 The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation opened The Joshua Harr Shane Stroke Gym and The Joshua Harr Shane Rehabilitation Room for Physical Therapy at RWJ University Hospital in Hamilton, New Jersey.  Joshua’s dream was to become a doctor.  Through these therapy rooms he will be able to touch all who pass through them.  We wanted to stay connected to those patients who may require additional help.  We were contacted by the therapist below to help purchase a Bioness H200 which was not covered by insurance.  The patient was 35 and recovering from a stroke. #SeasonOfSmiles

I would like to thank Judy and the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation for assisting my patient in purchasing the Bioness H200. A Technology to Help You Return to Your Daily Activities. The Bioness Ness H200 is a wireless hand rehabilitation system which supports the wrist in a functioning position, allowing the fingers and thumb to move efficiently while performing daily functional tasks such as reaching, grasping and pinching. This device will increase Peter’s ability to regain the functional use of his left hand; which he lost after suffering a stroke in 2016. The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation making an impact in the life a wonderful young man for years to come. Thank you for your generosity and kindness ….Your genuine concern and care is beautiful, on behalf of Peter and his family, we thank you for you support!
Tricia Richards (Occupational Therapist RWJBH)

Thank You again for being part of the Joshua Harr Shane Family